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Early Childhood

ACCESS Early Childhood offers comprehensive early education services, including early intervention strategies critical to improving developmental outcomes, within a team approach. Using our original, language-and literacy-based curriculum, our team members are building the foundation for our students’ future academic success.

Who We Serve

  • Children ages 6 weeks through kindergarten age
  • Children with developmental delays including:
    • Autism spectrum disorder
    • Childhood apraxia of speech
    • Articulation disorder
    • Central auditory processing disorder
    • Sensory integration disorder
    • Down Syndrome
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • ADHD
    • Other learning disorders
  • Children who follow a typical developmental trajectory without significant delays or disabilities

Meet Our Educators

Meet the highly-qualified early intervention team at ACCESS Early Childhood.


The early childhood years are a critical part of a child’s development and lay the foundation for future academic success. ACCESS is a quality early childhood program offering individualized education focused on developing a child’s cognition and language, fine and gross motor skills and social-emotional development. Literature is the cornerstone of the curriculum, setting the stage for the study of math, science, social studies and history. These learning experiences are enriched with music, art, drama and technology. By using multi-sensory elements that involve touching, seeing and hearing, ACCESS instructs for all learning styles.

  • Team Approach

    Each classroom has a low student-to-teacher ratio allowing staff to give each child the instruction required to meet their individual needs with a team of professionals including a highly qualified teacher and teaching assistant, along with a speech therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist. Therapy sessions allow for frequent one-on-one interactionwithin and outside the classroom setting.

  • Highly Qualified Team

    Our team of educators are highly-qualified and experienced in teaching young children with special needs. Each lead teacher holds a degree in a special education, early childhood, or related field or boasts equivalent experience in early childhood or early intervention careers. This tenured team provides a loving, encouraging environment combined with innovative teachign methods that give every child the opportunity to expand their individual potential.

  • Unique Curriculum

    The ACCESS Early Childhood curriculum literacy-based is uniquely designed to promote language, early literacy, and phonological development. Every activity is based on children’s literature to assist children with developing vocabulary to discuss and participate in activities. Whether they are participating in music or art, children are learning about math, science orsocial studies across the curriculum.

  • Research-Based Practices

    Research has proven that vocabulary at age 3 is an indicator of the reading comprehension of a 9- or 10-year-old student. ACCESS places a heavy emphasis on vocabulary development for oral communication and comprehension, both of which have a direct impact on reading.

  • Specially-Engineered Classrooms

    Classrooms are designed with an intensive focus on reading and development of written expression, as well as vital social skills training. Creative, multi-sensory materials engage auditory, tactile and visual learners.

  • Importance of Play

    Play is critical to the development of social, emotional, language, and motor skills. Play is a child’s work and provides the perfect setting to develop specific language, social, cognitive and motor skills.

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The Power of Early Childhood Intervention

    Future Families

    ACCESS Early Childhood offers rolling enrollment throughout the year based on availability.


    Potential Unlocked: Parent Testimonials

    • "The Early Childhood program is designed to integrate education, therapy, and a language-rich curriculum to create and immersive, early intervention environment. The growth we have seen in our child since he started at ACCESS is nothing short of phenomenal. The gains he has made in his social skills, speech, and ability to communicate have changed his world, as well as ours."

      -ACCESS Early Childhood Parent
    • "ACCESS has been a second home for my children for about four years now. The teachers and staff geniuenly love my children and want the absolute best for them. All of my children (typical and special needs) have flourished as ACCESS, and we couldn't be more thanful for such and amazing place."

      -ACCESS Early Childhood Parent
    • "My child was well prepared for kindergarten and is doing great at her new school. Her teacher complimented her academic knowledge and handwriting. With a few accommodations, she has adjusted well to her new classroom environment."

      -ACCESS Early Childhood Parent
    • "We have been at the ACCESS Early Childhood program for just a few months, and we are amazed at how well our son and daughter are doing in the classroom. The teachers are all so wonderful and so are the therapists who work with them. Our only regret is not knowing about ACCESS earlier!"

      -ACCESS Early Childhood Parent
    • "The progress my son has made in his four years at ACCESS Early Childhood is absolutely amazing! He has a village of people that pour into him every single day in order to give his as independent of a life as possible. As a mom, I am forever grateful for ACCESS."

      -ACCESS Early Childhood Parent
    • "When I think of ACCESS, this is what comes to my mind: Acceptance, Compassionate, Creative, Education, Support, and Successful. As as students at ACCESS, my son is fully accepted by a compassionate and creative team of educators that provide tremendous support (to both my son and to me) to ensure his success in life."

      -ACCESS Early Childhood Parent