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Living More Life: Becky Carter Finds Joy with ACCESS Life

Young lady with glasses smiling

By Ann Carter

Shortly after moving to Little Rock in 1995, we first met the wonderful folks at ACCESS. It’s hard to imagine where Becky would be without their support. From preschool to helping us successfully navigate public school, ACCESS has always been there. Even after high school graduation when Becky completed the Project SEARCH Arkansas: ACCESS Initiative Project SEARCH program and secured her first job, they were there every step of the way.

When COVID-19 struck in early 2020, Becky was laid off from her beloved job at a local fitness center. Staying active in the community, sports, church and her job are the things that give Becky self-confidence, self-worth and happiness. With all her many activities shut down for months and safety being a concern, we were very worried about her well-being. It’s hard enough for Becky to have an empty calendar for one day, much less for several months! We knew this couldn’t continue long-term.

So we called ACCESS, and they stepped up again. Becky started attending the ACCESS Life adult program, along with some of her friends. ACCESS Life manages to keep participants safe while encouraging independence and enriching their lives through a variety of activities. Becky loves the community activities, working in the greenhouse, grocery shopping, and cooking with her friends. She is now thriving again and looks forward to every day.

We wish everyone was as lucky as Becky. It’s such a comfort to know that she is safe, loved, and surrounded by people who have known her for years. We are forever grateful to ACCESS Life for giving Becky this opportunity.