Childhood Apraxia of Speech

CAS is a speech disorder characterized by the incapacity to program the positioning of speech muscles for articulation, phonation, resonation and respiration for the volitional production of phonemes. CAS is a neurologically based speech disorder that is caused by subtle brain impairment or malfunctioning.

ACCESS Success: Meet Grace Glasbrenner, Diagnosed at Age 2 With Apraxia

ACCESS Success: Meet Walton Starling, Diagnosed at Age 2 With Apraxia

ACCESS Success: Meet Josifaye White, Diagnosed at 17 Months With Apraxia

>>Signs & Symptoms: Recognize early warning signs and symptoms of CAS

>>Diagnosing CAS

>>Treatment & Therapy: Finding the right education and therapy solutions

Signs & Symptoms

Key characteristics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • limited babbling as an infant
  • limited repertoire of vowels and consonants
  • delayed onset of speech
  • variability of errors
  • errors increase with length of utterances
  • difficulty with spontaneous (self-initiated) speech
  • disturbances of prosody (the rhythmic and intonational aspect of language)
  • visual signs of speech output difficulty
  • impaired non-speech movements
  • loss of apparently previously spoken words 

Diagnosing CAS

CAS is a complicated diagnosis that requires specific therapy.  A good source of information for both parents and professionals is Apraxia-Kids.org.

Treatment & Therapy

A child with CAS will not simply "grow out of it." CAS children will need intensive services on an individual basis. The frequency of therapy is dependent on the severity of the child's speech-motor impairment, functional communication disorder, age and willingness to practice with parents/caregivers. 

ACCESS has developed an area of expertise in regards to CAS. We utilize specific therapy approaches that are effective and ideal for the treatment of apraxia. ACCESS includes training the family as part of the treatment for children with CAS.

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