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Cambium Technology is a leader in research-based software and instructional materials. This company produces Kurzweil 3000 and Intellitools Classroom Suite 4 as well as other educational resources. Kurzweil 3000 provides complete reading, writing and study solutions to help all students overcome learning challenges and succeed academically. This software gives students access to any text – digital or print. It has a host of features to support students with learning disabilities.

Intellitools Classroom Suite 4 is a pre-K through Grade 5 software for building reading, writing and math skills. It is a tool that can be used with the entire classroom, allowing the teacher to combine direct instruction with individualized practice materials on the computer. The software allows teachers to make assignments, check student progress, customize activities if necessary and complete built in assignments. Intellitools is switch-accessible and has adapted keyboard capabilities.


Crick Software is a leading producer of innovative educational technology software. The emphasis of their software is literacy development. Crick software was founded in the United Kingdom by a veteran classroom teacher. A curriculum team of qualified teachers helps produce the materials. This company has won numerous awards for its innovative technology.
The company's best-known product is Clicker, a supportive writing and multimedia tool. Clicker has won numerous awards and is consistently one of the top-selling educational software titles in the United Kingdom and is the No. 1 best-selling language arts product with several top educational retailers in the United States.
Other Crick items include:
  • Clicker Paint
  • Find Out and Write About
  • Planet Wobble
  • Wordbar
  • ClozePro
  • Penfriend


Don Johnston empowers educators with supplemental instruction and intervention solutions to help struggling learners build core literacy skills with confidence. Don Johnston produces software such as:

  • CoWriter - a powerful word prediction program
  • SOLO - is a software tool set that builds learning skills in reading, writing, planning, organizing, revising and editing for students Grades 3-12


SoftTouch markets educational software that is accessible to all students. This company produces two main products:

  • My Own Bookshelf
  • Test Me Score Me
  • Companion software that targets early childhood education, severe to profound disabilities and alternate computer access.
ACCESS offers professional training for teachers, therapists and parents. Training focuses on using educational technology during instruction with students.

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