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Closing the Gap


As a nonprofit organization, ACCESS relies on the support of individuals, corporations and foundations to close the gap between the true cost of our programs and services for children and youths with language and learning disabilities and the revenues for those services. Download our brochure here!


Educating and caring for people with language and learning disabilities is an expensive endeavor. ACCESS helps families pay for their children’s highly specialized medical and educational needs by asking others in our community to give financial assistance for operational and program expenses.


Operational funds contribute to ACCESS’ ability to provide comprehensive services, such as:


  • An in-house evaluation team
  • Highly qualified, professional teachers and therapists
  • Affordable training for professionals in the community and surrounding states
  • Free or low-cost teacher inservice training at local schools
  • Free or low-cost parent training
  • Affordable therapy materials for other professionals
  • Consultation services for educational technology
  • Tuition assistance for families who struggle financially
  • Bimonthly and monthly social and recreational activities for three different age groups
  • Extracurricular activities such as the ACCESS swim, track and cheerleading/spirit teams and drama, music and art programs


Program funds allow ACCESS to expand and improve educational, therapeutic, technological and health and wellness programs, as well as ACCESS retail enterprises.



Join the many ACCESS supporters who continue to “close the gap” and enrich the lives of Arkansans and others with learning disabilities. Donate or volunteer today!


Director of Development: Kellie Wilhite at 501-217-8600.

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