ACCESS Schools includes ACCESS Preschool and Academy. The Preschool serves both typically developing children and those with developmental delays and disabilities; the Academy serves students ages 5 to 21 and offers a GED program in its Upper School.

ACCESS Schools, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, serve children with developmental delays and disabilities. Both typical infants and toddlers and those with delays or disabilities, from six weeks old to age 4, are taught basic academic fundamentals at ACCESS Preschool.


The ACCESS Foundations classrooms provide 3- to 5-year-old students with disabilities an intensive language-learning program.


ACCESS Academy provides students with learning differences, kindergarten to age 21, with a comprehensive education and life skills training. Campus amenities include three developmentally appropriate playgrounds, beautifully landscaped gardens (including a greenhouse, amphitheater and water feature), a commercial kitchen, a mock apartment with a fully functioning kitchen, a library, a mobile laptop lab, an artroom with an adjoining ceramics kiln room, therapy suites and evaluation and resource offices.


ACCESS Life is a day program for adults ages 18-35 who have developmental disabilities. The program focuses on developing healthy lifestyles, maintaining academic skills, practicing vocational skills and developing independence.


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ACCESS achieves success through methods that define a quality program:

  • Professional Staff – ACCESS classes are taught with a teacher and a teaching assistant assigned to each class. Classes for students age 2 and older are taught by a professional educator. Therapists specialize in many specific therapy approaches selected to match the needs of our students. ACCESS employs an in-house PhD-level clinical psychologist.
  • Natural Learning Environments – ACCESS pediatric therapists apply skills to the natural environment with home visits and field trips and by using the school campus to practice applying newly acquired skills. Therapists often use the integrated therapy model and go directly into the classroom, where they can accomplish therapy in a naturalistic environment and work on using skills learned in the therapy room within a classroom setting.
  • Comprehensive Services - In addition to school-based programs, ACCESS offers speechoccupational and physical therapy; tutoring services and comprehensive developmental, psychological and educational evaluations (cognitive testing). Our resources include tutoring services and educational technology consultations.
  • Intensity – When participating in incremental, multi-sensory programs with great intensity, students have the maximum opportunity for success. ACCESS offers a language-based curriculum. Creating a solid language foundation is crucial for academic development in the elementary school years. Speech and language are the stepping-stones for reading success, which ultimately affects all academic areas. See more about reading disorders>
  • Proven Methods – Expect recognized, valid programs or training methods that yield results. ACCESS uses proven therapy techniques that address the therapeutic needs of our students. Our classroom reading approach, The Dubard Association Method® is a nationally known program and is recognized by the International Dyslexia Association. 
  • Training for Parents – in order to make solid educational decisions, parents must be well informed. ACCESS offers a series of workshops on varied topics and technology classes designed for parents.  More information on parent training>
  • Satisfied Customers – Eighty-five percent of ACCESS referrals come from parents. See the ACCESS Success Video>

Did you know? ACCESS was recently honored with gold award for Favorite Special Needs Services, Favorite Tutoring Services, Favorite Childcare Facility and Favorite Private Elementary School, the silver award for Favorite Family Friendly Employer and and the bronze award for Favorite Private Middle School in the 2014 Little Rock Family Favorites awards. The organization was named Best Special Needs School, Best Tutoring Center, Best Local Nonprofit, Best Private Preschool and Best Daycare in the 2014 Savvy LoLo (Love Local) Awards.

Questions? Contact Admissions Coordinator Beth Rice at 501-217-8600.

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